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Meet | The | Experts - Succession Planning in the Middle East
“When it comes to divide an estate, the politest men quarrel” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Succession planning is a timeless subject. Apparently straightforward questions relating to the way in which assets pass through generations can give rise to issues of genuine complexity – sometimes expected, and often unexpected.

Different legal systems treat succession questions in very different ways. An enduring issue is the extent to which inheritances should be left to be governed by default rules of law, versus the extent to which families should be able to actively engage with sophisticated, structured succession planning. The question becomes more acute as families develop increasingly international connections – both in terms of where people reside, and where they own assets. The panel will discuss recent trends and the outlook in the Middle East, where there is now a particular focus on the ability to structure around domestic assets. New opportunities abound.

The discussion will include the following:

- What are changing local attitudes to the question of succession, and what are family members expectations? How might the views of future generations differ from those who have come before?

- To what extent do religious norms guide families’ succession wishes?

- What is the impact of increasing global mobility?

- The impact of owning assets in high-tax jurisdictions

- Opportunities to exploit the ability to structure for local assets, and issues surrounding the new “onshore” regimes in the Gulf

- Mirroring local and “offshore” planning, including the use of sister structures

- The importance of family governance and communication between generations

- The role of philanthropy in long-term asset structuring

Nov 25, 2021 11:00 AM in London

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